At beyond corona forum,
We conducted a C-innovation pitch/idea inter-high (idea competition).
The number of applications was 407.
Thank you for applying to BCF.

At present, we hold an internet vote on the movie which passed the producer’s screening.

Depending on the vote, the idea of the movie would go into action for Implementation after the brush-up by producers.

Voting period:
From 12/01/2020 to 01/31/2021

Your voting has an impact on whether one’s idea becomes a reality or not.

We look forward to your participation!

Now in 2020
The world is changing
due to COVID-19
It causes many problems around us.
For example, accelerating to go online and causing damage to some industries

We are exactly at the turning point of the world

So what is like the world after the change?

We named the world after COVID-19 panic
“Beyond Corona”

in order to solve problems in “Beyond Corona” and create the whole new world, we organized
Beyond Corona Forum

The next stage of the world

To “Beyond Corona”

Emergency suggestion

Do you see “Beyond Corona”?

How the world is going to change after the convergence of COVID-19
To solve that question,
We collect the opinions from people in many diffrent field

Best practices of Industry-academia collaboration

Technologies to fight COVID-19

Idea × Technology = Innovation

To innovate the current suffering situation,
many companies are trying to develop new technologies.

Messages from leaders of a student team

Beyond Corona Forum is consisted by many students member.
We believe that a collaboration of
student, companies, and professors is the key to the innovation

Our lives has changed due to COVID-19. I would like to prove that we can make your dreams come true through the Internet in spite of the current situation. Then I want to create new hope for uncertain future. I wonder there are a lot of disappointed people who missed some scheduled events. To give purpose for students who missed studying abroad or competition. Finally, I hope it would be the chance to restart for companies who can not continue their business due to COVID-19. Let’s create the Beyond Corona world. Here we go!

TOBE Kosuke Co-leader of PENTA SHIPs
Sophomore of Field of Frontier Engineering in Kanazawa University

Now we are in a such situation that the world is changing and need changing due to COVID-19. I wonder the important point is WHO makes a change. I think the answer is We, young people who live future. It is not easy to be a Changer, but I don’t think you worry because there are many experts supporting us if you take one step. You may be surprised but they are so cooperative. Why don’t you join us and create exciting world?

IMAI Yuki Co-leader of PENTA SHIPs
Sophomore of Field of Frontier Engineering in Kanazawa University

The world is changing.

Are you just watching this?

That is the objective in this summer

C-innovation pitch / Idea inter-high


Beyond Corona Forum will hold C-innovation pitch and Idea inter-high.
These are events for students in high schools and Universities to create a new Beyond Corona world. For those who want to challenge startup, we collect the detail business plan to solve emerging problems Beyond Corona. We provides competitions and supports from producers. If you want to apply, please fill the link below. (Google account is required)


※we may change this without any announcement


Open a portal web site and start application
We open a official web site and start application.


Middle Presentation
Beyond Corona Forum web event:Emergency suggestion
We introduce the some of entries.


Final deadline of competitions


Vote start
Result announcement web event
First producers select the entries then people can vote for them.

1/31 2021

Voting Deadline

The Deadline of voting from people


Final result announcement
Final result announcement web event
We hold awards ceremony and close the whole event.

You can join just by your smartphone


Create your idea


Take a video and entry


Producers select ideas


Ideas are selected by people all over the world

Application Requirements


We have two courses

How to apply

Please fill this form


Individual/Team consists of under 35 belongs to any high schools, universities, graduated school and so on. If you want to apply ideas based on a research in your laboratory, please get consent of your supervisor before apply.


  1. only 1 person talks in the video even if application as a team
  2. the video is within 5 minutes long(1 point deduction per over 10 seconds
  3. Free for video editing
    ▶You don’t have to edit your video/You can use some presentation tools
  4. Japanese/English
  5. Good if it includes these three points
    1. Problems that you found
    2. Solution or suggestion
    3. Sustainable business model(require if you apply to C-innovation pitch conte)

For those who are not sure how to take video, or improve your presentation skills


  • Please understand that the legal rights such as copyright of the submitted video will belong to this site when the video is submitted.
  • The organizer is not responsible for copyright infringement or infringement of rights such as violation of personal protection law concerning the submitted video. Please note that you will be disqualified if there is any problem.

Change the world just by your smartphone


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